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A 3-axis accelerometer was included to sense the orientation of the phone and change the screen accordingly, allowing the user to easily switch between portrait and landscape mode. Most of the iPhone 3G's internal hardware is based on the original iPhone. On the rear of the device, the iPhone 3G features the same fixed-focus 2. This camera does not have optical zoom, flash, autofocus, or native video recording, although various applications became available to allow video recording on the device. The iPhone 3G's operating system supports the geotagging of photographs. These enhancements allow faster data downloads and turn-by-turn navigation with maps compared to previous devices.

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 3G features a proprietary pin dock connector for charging the device. It can also be used to synchronize the device with a computer and to connect various accessories. The iPhone 3G features a flush-mounted 3. The iPhone 3G features an internal rechargeable battery rated at mAh, which, like its predecessor, is not user-replaceable. Alternatively, it is said to provide hours of standby time.

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal described the device as "a more capable version of an already excellent device. An article in the Wall Street Journal's Digits column on July 28, reported that iPhone 3G phones updating to iOS 4 responded slowly, had diminished battery life, and became excessively hot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the second generation iPhone. For the third generation iPhone with a similar name, see iPhone 3GS. See also: History of iPhone. Main article: This section needs expansion with: You can help by adding to it.

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Retrieved The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved September 28, Apple should build a update for the iphone 3gs because most people can not afford to go out and buy a new iphone every time they come out.

Jailbreaking iphones void the warranty, its like apple wants this on purpose. What is up with this? Apple being a valued company should care even about its customers that have bought apps,iphones ,ipods , computers , labtops , ipads , even if not a substantial amount every customer should have value when you leave customers behind they stray away and buy other products. From a valued Apple customer, Cali. Typically, when the ios upgrades the developers of the apps are forced to upgrade their app software to be compatible with the newest version.

You can check what software the app needs in the app store under the picture of the app and the price. That will tell you if any apps are compatible with your iphone.

Is there a place to find apps that work?

Most likely you will not find any. It doesn't mean you don't have a good iphone though. It's still a great mp3 player and camera as well as a decent internet surfing device. If you're fine without the apps you can still enjoy it. Here is a free tool that will let you search the iTunes store for apps which are compatible with the iPhone 3G running iOS 4. Jimfixer jimfixer.

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You can try this I just got it to work on an iphone the other day and makes it possible to get old apps to work again. You can jailbreak as well, edit the coding to match a 6. I have an iPhone 3G and had to restore factory settings as it wasn't working properly. I now can't use most of the apps that I was using quite happily before the restore.

You say that iOS 6 can be installed on 3G phones but my phone won't install anything beyond 4. Angel Francis.

What video recorder application works on the iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1?

Hi I understand what you are going threw I have a iphone 3g and I have found some apps that still work and right now it's Luke Castle. Alex Svech m86com. Pick iOS4 for iPhone 3G. Larry Entwistle. I agree Apple should make developers retain compatibility with 4. Thank you muchly Mackerm Larry Entwistle, could you do me a favor? I am trying to research thios a bit but do not have any access to older apps. Could you follow these instructions:. My email address is in my profile. It would really help to may be resolve some of this.

Thank you.

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