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Bible App by YouVersion crosses the 50 million installed milestone

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I never at whatever time opened the program. Try not to give joint torment a chance to overwhelm you. Quit languishing and pick over Proflexoral Pills to state farewell to firmness and inconvenience forever. The Bible App by YouVersion is an essential application for me since it allows me to complete my daily Bible reading and devotionals and keep track of my progress across all my devices. They just announced that the Bible App has been installed on over 50 million mobile devices, more than double what they achieved at this time last year.

As you can see in their chart, the application is being installed at an astounding rate. To celebrate this achievement, they just launched an interesting website, YouVersion. TechCrunch also posted on this achievement and includes a video with YouVersion co-founder Bobby Gruenewald. The application and references that you read with it are all completely FREE.

One aspect that I often enjoy while commuting on the train is the ability to have the Bible read aloud to you, supported in many translations, which is a great way to stay focused on the content. Galaxy S10 Plus or Note 9: Which is best for business use? Wireless PowerShare: Galaxy S10's hidden feature for road warriors. Qualcomm announces Snapdragon X55 second generation 5G modem and global mmWave antenna module. More capacity than Apple, but step back for Mophie.

The next complete language launch was in Korean. Brazilian Portuguese became the next language to receive the YouVersion-wide experience, and YouVersion celebrated its fourth anniversary. The Bible App had been installed on more than 30 million unique devices. Dutch was the tenth complete YouVersion language launch. Our annual Global Share the Bible Day tradition continued. Version 2. How it works: Simply tap the icon to display controls for playing, pausing, and jumping forward and back within the chapter.

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A list of available versions displays. The versions offering audio have a small speaker beside them.

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Select the verse s you want to highlight. Tap the rainbow icon to select a custom color. Select your basic color, then slide the shading bar to make it lighter or darker.

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A preview displays your custom color as you make adjustments. In the Bible Reader, tap the settings icon the little gear to display the viewing controls. Tap the sun icon to make the background white and the text black, or tap the moon icon for white text on a black background. Tap the font name for a list of available fonts, then simply tap the one you want. Try experimenting to find the combination that works best for you.

Once you get your view how you want, simply tap the settings icon again to hide the viewing controls. The latest update for the Bible App on your Windows Phone is available immediately.

If you have friends with Windows Phones, please spread the word and let them know, too. And we decided the best way to do that was to rewrite it from the ground up! Get your update to the Bible App for Windows Phone now, and be sure to let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you think! Skip to content The last time we updated the Bible App for Windows Phone , we completely rewrote it from scratch.

You can find the latest release now at Windows Marketplace for Mobile , featuring all of the following improvements: Audio Bibles.