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Samsung Galaxy S6 review

This means that the phone shoots excellent photos under almost all circumstances, whether there is an abundant amount of light available, or under low light conditions. I did not have this problem with the Note 8.

As a side note, another welcome touch is that when in Live Photos mode, the Note 8 snaps a regular image, a wide angle image and also a Live Photo, which could come in handy for some users under certain circumstances. Maybe the image you shot is a little too tightly cropped for your taste. This feature is only available in Live Photos mode though.

Overall, the Note 8 offers one of the best photography experiences available on any smartphone today. This makes it not only difficult to locate when in a rush, but hard to reach as well. However, I opted to use facial recognition with the Note 8, despite it not being the most secure option though I did back it up with pattern security.

The ability to simply hold the Note 8 in front of my face and have it instantly login, is difficult to beat, even with security concerns in mind. The only instance where I ran into issues was when wearing sunglasses, but this problem is understandable. Bixby is also present on the phone, as you may have guessed, and yes, even Bixby Voice is available in Canada.

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The design gap is closing. It's difficult to find significant issues with the Note 8. Samsung has taken the blueprint it established with the Note 7 and upgraded it in a number of iterative ways. The industrial design of other companies is catching up, with the Essential Phone, the LG G6 and likely Apple's upcoming iPhone, all being able to stand toe-to-toe with the Note 8. For some, the minor changes Samsung has made to the Note 8 won't be enough, while others will be content with what essentially amounts to a slightly better-looking version of the Note 7.

Stuck in the same Galaxy

For more pricing and availability information, follow this link. The Galaxy Note 8 will be widely available in Canada on September 15th. Per this military grade certification, devices are required to withstand 26 drops from four feet onto 1-inch of plywood, on top of concrete, before it qualifies as military certified.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 Review: It’s a phone, not a case

The phone features a quad-core, Exynos processor clocked at 1. Running on top is Android 7. Though the XCover 4 runs reasonably well for what it is, depending on how many apps you have open, you may notice lag before launching an application. I found this happened quite a bit when trying to open Google Chrome or Facebook when multiple apps were running in the background.

That Q stylus

The phone would occasionally get warm, but never to a level where it felt extreme. With minimal usage, the XCover 4 is capable of easily lasting three days, no doubt due to its moderately-sized 5-inch display and power-efficient processor.

The handset also charges from zero to percent in less than two hours. Without changing any of the camera settings the device takes decent photos in outdoor lighting, though low-light, indoors photos come out in poor quality. Additionally, the camera features a sports, night and HDR mode that helps the device take better pictures without fiddling around with the Pro mode.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review | MobileSyrup

Both the rear facing and the selfie shooter are capable of taking photos that are fine for sharing on social media, but those who are really into photography will definitely want more from their smartphone camera. The XCover 4 measures in with a The Galaxy XCover 4 has numerous physical buttons, which makes the device stand out as odd in an industry full of smartphone that are moving in the opposite direction. I found the flashlight functionality to be annoying; often clicking the button by accident.