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The software will list all available songs to listen to and download.

Download free music to iPhone

If you like the music result, please feel free to download music to iPhone. There are two options. You can download online audio files one by one clicking the arrow sign next to each song. By default, all songs are saved to your "Music" folder. The next step is to open iTunes. The last step is to put music on iPhone. Sync iPhone and iTunes to export all songs from the desktop music library to your Apple hand-held device.

Plug one side into the smartphone and the other side into your PC.

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Then, you might be asked to make a backup copy of your iPhone, feel free to decline this message and proceed to file transfer. Open iTunes on your PC again. You should see the name of your iPhone on the left sidebar among Devices. At the top bar, click the Library. Then unplug your Apple iPhone and tap iTunes on it to check the exported free music collection. Save guide on: Download YouTube Movies.

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Yes, modern music players are also multifunctional. For example, VOX Music Player is not only one of the best free music players you could ever choose because it plays a variety of both lossy and lossless music formats in an outstanding quality, but it also has a number of useful and interesting features. You can start using Loop cloud music storage, which means that you do not really have to think about how to download music to iPhone because all your songs will be stored in your unlimited library. By the way, if you are afraid that you might be left without Internet access for a while, just pre-download a couple of your favourite albums from VOX Music Cloud to your iPhone and enjoy it.

Probably the best thing about VOX Cloud is not that it is absolutely unlimited, but the fact that the quality remains on top i.

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And the last but not least — VOX is an official Music Player for SoundCloud so if you stream songs , they will be streamed in the best quality. You will also be able to add songs from SoundCloud to your Playlist you can even mix them with the songs you already have! We think that VOX Player is a great choice for those who are wondering how to download music to their iPhone.

Looks like some of the best solutions for how to download music to iPhone are found! Coppertino Inc. Premium Music Player.

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FREE Download. This article presented by Jason Zabowski Coppertino Inc. Wondering how to download music to your iPhone?

How to download music to your iPhone? We know!

We know how! Good old iTunes — how to buy and download music to iPhone If you are completely new to the whole iOS world, chances are that you are not familiar with how iTunes works. Transferring music from your computer to your iPhone You probably already have a rather big collection of MP3s on your computer. It is very easy, you just have to follow these steps: Install iTunes on your computer just go to www. Connect your iPhone to your computer and go to the Devices menu of iTunes. Choose your iPhone and go to the Music section.

You can unplug your iPhone now. How to download music to iPhone with the help of an app? This might also interest you:. Try it: Pick the best music player for your iPhone Wondering how to uninstall iTunes?

How to backup music: Store it in a cloud-based storage.