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Normally, the LCD screen of Sony Xperia C will keep turn on when you received a phone call, as far as the sensor has not covered with our head when the phone closed to our ear. If you think this problem does not same with your previous Sony Xperia, then you can try to perform hard reset to clean and reset to factory default setting.

This is also similar with the mobile data, basically this phone will run without problem when our simcard provider does not have problems. Try to change your network card to make sure about that. Please also see the Setting Menu for Mobile Network, make sure the data is enabled. However, the following problems if occur because of wrong setting, will be reset to default if you do hard reset.

Please make sure your important data already backup before performing hard reset. I lost all my photos and songs. Is there anyone who also faced the same problem as mine please help me. Hi, deleted files usually can not easily recover from our memory card, especially the internal memory which also write temporary files and something like that. We can try to use some undelete applications, but the result can be hard to recover base on what happen before.

I also have this problem in my Xperia c battery drains very. Hi, there are some causes that can make your Sony Xperia C battery life fast to empty. Most trouble with battery drain comes from applications. Usually we have background applications that make your phone can not deep-sleep when not use or standby wakelock problem. This will make your battery become consume more and fast to drain. Maybe something wrong with your hardware or operating system. We suggest you to do hard reset first using setting menu and remove everything back to factory default.

If the problem still happen, try to charge your Sony Xperia C using other Android charger adapter, the other problem maybe your battery need to change with new one. Update your xpc system to For your info this will fix the battery issue. Hi Sir, I am playing a game asfalt 8 and i the between my phone is hanged. Power buttons are also not working as you suggest. There is only game screen on my phone and a little sound. Please help me. Hi, please press the power button several seconds until the phone turn off by itself, usually less then 20 seconds for force soft reset or force reboot your Sony Xperia C.

Can you help me my xperia C is not clear in the front camera,how can solve that problem,? Hi, some problem with front camera not clear when taking pictures can be solved by clean the front camera lens with lens cleaner. Some users also use special liquid for clean camera lens. If your camera lens of Sony Xperia C has been cleared, but the problem still happen, please try to download 3th party camera from Google Play Store, then try to take photo from this 3th party applications with default setting.

If the problem still happen, then you should consider to try doing hard reset to clear and make all setting back to factory default. Hi, please follow this link to hard reset Sony Xperia M. My xperia c is not open phone is show sony I update the Android and I lost the internet and they will switch off and I connect my phone but he can connect plz help me. Appreciating your early supports.

Hi, there are many file types for video movie, one of them is Flash move or FLV Flash Video which is video filetype base by Flash format. This FLV file need special player to play at our smartphone. Please try to download 3th party video player from Google Play Store, we recommend to download MX Movie Player or VLC Video Player, both of them is free to download and we have been happy with that movie player capability for our Android, they can play many kind of movie player without any problems.

Hi, for playing some media at you Sony Xperia C, you need to match the codec. For standard movie, they seems can play without problem at your phone, but for non usual codec, then you need to use other player. Please try to download VLC player from Google Play Store, then it could play many kind of media with various codec without problem. Hi Mr, May I know?

How To Force/Switch Off/Restart A Crashed Or Frozen- Sony Xperia Z, SP, ZL, Z1, V.

Can u explain me? Actually this internal memory size is not too big to keep your data, especially when you do not use external memory microSD then all your photo also will saved inside internal memory. First you must use external memory and move all downloaded files or photos to external memory using filemanager. Usually the memory of Sony Xperia C running out of space if we have downloaded many applications from Google Play Store.

Hi, we answer in English. Usually most of installed applications will be stay at internal memory. We suggest to do hard reset and try to install application one by one to make sure the problem already fix with that. Wanted to know how to know my Xperia c security number for sharing internet via hotspot facility in others devices. Please remember, this option menu should do before you activate your Wifi Hotspot.

So, you need to turn off your Wifi Hotspot before give password Wifi protection. Hi , i have problem with my xperia c. Hi, when you forgot the password of Sony Xperia C, then you can try to recover or unlock or bypass it using the same Google account or Gmail username and password that you have already sign-in at that phone before. Try to give several time wrong answer continuously until the phone freeze or locked for 30 seconds, you will see Forgot Password button , press that button to try unlock or open forgotten password with Google account. Please make sure your Sony Xperia C Internet connection is active while unlock using Google account because this phone will connect to Google server.

If you can not access your Google account, then you have to do hard reset with several option above, either hard reset or master format to factory default using hardware button key at option 3 or using PC Companion software with your computer using option 4 above. Hi, I have been using sony xperia c from past one month and facing some problems and because of this im not at all satisfied with this phone. Hangs while texting. Automatically Shut downs 3. Not able to copy songs from PC to phone 4. Hi, there are many causes that can make our Sony Xperia C become slowly or hang while running some applications.

We will try to answer all 4 number together. The most important think you need to make sure the ROM or internal memory is still enough or not to small. If the memory is nearly full, what makes that happen? If you are not use external memory, then some photo and downloaded files from browser will be keep at internal storage. If you still get problems, you could try to consider doing hard reset for restore operating system to factory reset and also remove all applications cache at internal memory.

Hi, it looks like that you have already rooted your Sony Xperia C and do some tweak options that make some trouble with your memory card. Unfortunately, there are no standard solutions for your problems, because the non official ROM or Root might be happen with some different steps. Please find some solutions from your previous reference community, maybe they can help you to make your internal and external storage access again. Hi, it is strange because by default Google Play Store already installed as factory default application.

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Maybe you or someone else ever do root and uninstall Google Play Store by accident. Although we are not sure it will work or not, but you can try to reflash or reinstall latest update firmware using PC Companion that you can download from Sony official website. Follow the steps Option 4 above. Recently 10 days back i was purchased the sony xperia c i am not understanding how to activate 3g in that mobile.

Hi, if your Sony Xperia C does not have Google Play Store, then you should try to install just for the Google Play Store applications, so you does not need to reinstall the firmware or operating system unless you use other custom ROM, but we are not recommended to that for standard user. You can try to use this link http: Once installed, you will find Google Play Store from your application Menu. Hi, basically the Sony Xperia C is quite good smartphone to use for daily activity such as email, browsing, chatting, watching video movie, playing some games and doing more work. But maybe your phone can become slowly after you install and running several application in the background.

Please try to remove some not use applications. But if you still need to make your Sony Xperia C performance run faster like beginning, then you have to do hard reset with above steps. Hi, yes you can. Hard reset process is the same situation to reinstall the factory default operating system include all default applications from your Sony Xperia C like Google Play Store, Walkman, Album and many of them.

You only have to re-download other previous installed applications that you have downloaded from Google Play Store after login or signed in with Google account. Hi, basically Internet should not work or stop the connection when we received any phonecall, either from sim 1 or sim 2. It should happen at your Sony Xperia C as well.

Sir my sony xperia c is not work anything it has only blank screen nothing display sir I want solutions that what I can do.

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Hi, you need to try doing hard reset or master format with hardware button like steps at Option 3 above. You also can try to flash or reinstall the latest operating system using PC Companion like steps at Option 4 above. Hi, there are some installed applications at your internal memory which keep the data in that location as well, like Facebook or BBM or Twitter or something like that.

In some some smartphone, although we have about MB free memory, the new applications still can not download from Google Play Store, this situation also happen for some apps which need to get update from Google Play Store. Please try to delete Data at internal memory beside remove only cache, and you will get more free space for your Sony Xperia C to download the applications.

Hiii anybody tell me 8 mp camera of sony Xperia c not satisfied photo quality. How to improve camera quality. Hi, maximum resolutions for Sony Xperia C is 8 megapixel is x pixels, as far as we know, the camera of Sony Xperia C can give good photo result. However, the camera quality can be vary depending on the light situations while taking pictures, also please make sure the lens is not dirty which sometime user not aware about this problem that can make our pictures become worse. Hi, my sony xperia c have problem on restarting.

Sony Xperia frozen or will not power on

I had updated my xperia c software to After that when am updating my software by connecting via usb. But suddenly because of power failure the system shutdown and the update process was incomplete. It restarts automatically repeatedly n only the sony logo comes. Within few second again display become black and again sony logo comes for few seconds. Hi, sorry to hear that. Anyway, this is the common problem when doing hard reset or update the operating system of Android, some users does not pay attention about the power problem that can happen at the phone battery empty and the computer without UPS.

If this problem happen, then you should ask Sony authorize service center to flashing the firmware with their tools. Hi, we suggest you to try doing hard reset use hardware button at your Sony Xperia C. But if you still get problem, try to reinstall the latest official Android operating system or firmware from PC Companion. After that please follow the steps at option 4 above.

Do not forget to charge your battery until full when you want to do this steps. Hi, please make sure you have not installed any battery applications. You can try to turn off your phone and charge it when the battery not full, normally the light LED will turning on while charging.

If the LED still not active, then try to do hard reset or master format using steps above. If the problem still happen, then maybe your LED light already damage and need to replace with new one, please consult with Sony authorize service center. I tried update my software using the computer but there was an error while updating and ever since i tried putting on my phone but only the SONY logo is showing.

What do I do to make it work properly? Please help. Hi, some problems might happen that make our update become trouble like power failure either from our Sony Xperia C or the computer as well. However, when you get this problem, try to redo again running PC Companion from your computer and run update firmware menu, this process does not need to use your Sony active.

If the problem still happen, then you should bring your Sony Xperia C to Sony authorize service center. Hiii… I am using sony Xperia c since the last 4 months… Now I am not able to download apps from playstore.. Hi, Sony Xperia C have 4GB internal memory, this is actually not too big if you like to download many applications from Google Play Store although you already have microSD external memory.

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  • Because by default most applications will install the main applications at internal memory. Some applications also will save the data file inside internal memory like Facebook or something like that. If you have already uninstalled some not use applications, but the memory at your Sony Xperia C still insufficient, then you should try to find Facebook and remove the data files, do not worry, this steps will not remove your data at Facebook server, only remove data files which is cached at your phone.

    After that you can try to see the free memory increase. Do this with other applications as well. The solutions for doing hard reset if you forgot the pin, try to do it with hardware button like steps at Option 2 above. Hi, there are several options to do hard reset, one is using software menu, but this can be done if your Sony Xperia ZR is unlock, the other one is using hardware button. However, if you forgot your security protections, then you can try to unlock or bypass the protection using Google or Gmail username and password.

    Please give several time wrong answer continuously, until the phone freeze about 30 seconds, the Forgot Password button will appear and by press that button, you will be ask to unlock using Google username and password that you have already signed in before. If you can not access Google account from your phone, then you should do hard reset using hardware button or PC Companion, all steps are inform above.

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    Hi, if you LCD touch screen is not responsive in the middle of running applications or games, then you can try to soft reset or force shutdown the Sony Xperia C by press and hold the POWER button until the phone shutdown by itself. Hi, please give us more information about your trouble causes, are you trying to update using PC Companion or do anything else with your Sony Xperia C?

    The proper information will give other community member can help your trouble. Hi, the mobile data at your Sony Xperia C is use for activate Internet data connection from your provider. If you still can not connect to Internet, then you have to consider doing hard reset or master format. But please backup all important data and make sure your GSM Simcard can use Internet, maybe try to use other Android smartphone to test your card.

    Than onwards my phone is not starting.. What should I do? How can I restore it again as factory reset? If you can not finish download the firmware from using WIFI, you can try to do download again after your Wifi active or can connect to Internet. Hi, there are several possibility that makes your Sony Xperia C can not work. However, if you still can not find solutions with applications, then please try to reformat using hardware button steps above. Hi, please give more information which install button that not work? If you mean install button at Google Play Store which not work, then make sure you try several applications other then what you want to install now, also make sure your internal memory is not full or have free enough capacity to install new applications.

    Usually if you have more then MB free internal memory, then you can install most applications from Google Play Store. My message notification sound not working. Calls, music and others sound works.

    Help me solve please. Xperia c. I use Internet through opera mini…. The problems at your phone seems happen because the connection is not good. Try to use different GSM card, make sure the APN setting is setup correctly or try to find good Wifi connection to connect, and use again Google Play Sore for download some applications. Hi, if you can not find any file manager at your Sony Xperia C, please download it from Google Play Store, use keyword File manager for search the apps. We recommended to use ES File Explorer, it is free to download and have good functions to use. Dear sir, my Xperiya c is not working properly when i try to change from one network to another the touch screen not responding seversl times.

    So pls solve the problem. Hi, first you should make sure there are no applications that could make trouble with your phone like battery apps or network app or any other tweak applications. We try to assume that changing one network to other with GSM will automatically done without need to touch, other assume about your changing network is using Wifi, this should work by choose the network and give security password if it secure connection. If you can not find that suspected applications, than please consider to do hard reset or reformat your Sony Xperia C with steps above, we recommended to use Software Menu because your phone still can access to operating system.

    Please also remove some not use applications, because sometime some applications need to update their data with Internet, if this is always happen, then you internet connection will be going slower because need to share with some applications. Name required Mail required Website. Home About Community.

    xperia c not turning off stuck at bootloop | Sony Xperia C

    Flashtool in the applications from Sony can be download from Sony website. Latest hard-reset. December 5, at 9: December 6, at 9: January 1, at 2: January 2, at January 8, at 4: January 10, at 2: February 26, at June 7, at Siddhartha das says: January 16, at 4: January 20, at 5: January 18, at September 24, at 1: October 15, at January 31, at February 3, at 1: February 12, at 3: February 15, at 5: February 14, at 5: I dont know how to solve this problem. I have even tried to force shut down by power and volume up but nothing is working!!!

    Any kind of help will b appreciated OR atleast someone can provide me a link for flashable recovery. I need your help guys please!!!!!!!!! XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

    Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Xperia C Themes and Apps.

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