Around , gamers increasingly carried both mobile phones and handheld game consoles. Nokia spotted an opportunity to combine these devices into one unit. Nokia announced in November that they would develop the N-Gage, a device that integrated these two devices. Its original development codename was Starship. In February , with the N-Gage failing to make a major impact four months on, CEO Jorma Ollila claimed that the device would be given until to be judged whether it was a success or failure.

Sales of the machine and its software have failed to make any impact on the market at all. Despite this, Nokia reaffirmed their commitment to the N-Gage as a platform, to the point where a new version of the hardware was rumored after GDC The product was discontinued from Western markets, but would continue to be marketed in India and parts of Asia. The last game to be released in the U.

As of August , it was estimated that Nokia had shipped more than two million N-Gage game decks. There is some disagreement in sources about the actual number of N-Gage decks sold. Nokia initially claimed , sales in the first two weeks the deck was available.

However, independent market research firms Chart-Track and Arcadia Research claimed that the N-Gage had sold only 5, decks in the United States in that time, and decks in the UK. Critics suggested Nokia was counting the number of decks shipped to retailers, not the number actually purchased by consumers.

In , Nokia claimed in a press release that it had shipped its millionth deck, represented as a company milestone despite falling short of the company's initial projection of six million decks by the end of Pocket Kingdom: Own the World received a handful of glowing reviews when it was released, and Pathway to Glory was Nokia's first self-published success. These games came perhaps too late to have much effect in improving the perception of the N-Gage hardware itself in the eyes of consumers or press.

Nokia had projections of at least 6 million sold decks in three years instead of only 3 million. The original phone's taco-shaped design was considered clumsy: Another clumsy feature was the speaker and microphone being located on the side edge of the phone.

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This often resulted in many describing it as talking into a " taco phone" [30] or "Sidetalking", or simply that they had one very large ear, because the user held the edge of the phone against the cheek in order to talk into it. Usual for a phone, but unusually for a game system, it had a screen taller than it was wide, with a size of 2. In August , the new N-Gage platform was finally finalised and was released in April It was compatible on many Symbian S60 smartphones.

The service was discontinued in October Before the launch of Nokia's first in-house N-Gage title, Pathway to Glory , a one level demo of the game was released to journalists to allow them to sample the game, and understand the concepts behind the turn based wargame. This demo was subsequently placed on the N-Gage. Undaunted by the 16mb download size, fans jumped on the Pathway to Glory demo. The success of the download paved the route for future titles. There are fifty-eight full titles available for N-Gage, but only 56 of these saw North American releases. The titles that were not released in North America are: These are:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the PDA. For the mobile gaming service, see N-Gage service. This section appears to contradict itself. Please see the talk page for more information. September It's meant to be connected using Bluetooth.

USB is solely used to access the memory card. What are the alternative ways to talk as I want to avoid Side-Talking? You can use the wired headset, wireless Bluetooth headset or the loudspeaker. Or modify your phone voiding the warranty - see here. I have personally made a hole using a hot nail held by pliers and though the hole is irregular, it worked out for me. Disconnect the cable, restart the N-Gage use FExplorer for faster restarts and connect the cable back.

If it still does not work, use a external card reader as it could mean that the MMC is corrupted. No - you need third party software to play most video types. For the rest, I have not heard of any players as the bitrate for the other videos can be quite high. The only ones that you can play without additional software are 3GP and RealMedia RM files, both of which separate encoders are required.

There are positive and negative reviews out there. I recommend sticking with normal MMC cards as no one as reported speed increases with the new cards. Is there any easy way to access the C Drive files from my PC? Yes, there are third party applications out there that can accomplish this. Where is the file saved in the phone? Newer versions allow you to access the file directly through a Inbox shortcut in the root of FExplorer. How do I enter numbers when keying in a SMS message? Is there any shortcut to access my WAP homepage? Press and hold "0" in standby mode. How do I keep the backlight on?

Can I record calls that I receive or make?

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  6. Yes, you can use the Recorder function in the Media folder to record. It is limited to 60 seconds though or you can use third party software like Call Recorder or Extended Recorder for unlimited. Note that there will be a periodic beep around once every 5 second when recording is on. Will using the Offline mode free up more RAM? To access offline mode, press the power button and select the offline mode.

    The phone will restart and you will not be able to use it to make calls until you switch to other online profiles. If you want the pictures to be larger, check out Full Screen Caller. How do I give a personal ring tone to a contact?

    Is it possible to block my Caller ID from being sent? With some service provider's it's possible. Try making a call - if it works, then you are all set. However if you receive messages like "check my caller id sending", then your service provider requires you to send the info. Is it possible for me to change the shortcuts at the standby screen? Use PSMPlayer. Download the English version. Is it possible to increase MMC free space by reducing block size? Yes - Connect your N-Gage to the computer. Right click on your MMC drive, Format yes, you will lose all data, so move all data to your PC temporarily and set the smallest allocation size possible.

    How long can the N-Gage battery life last for the various usage of functions? No - if you want to, find a unused SIM card or buy a prepaid one and let it expire. The N-gage can still be used even though the SIM card has expired. The FM Radio is suddenly giving "App. This happens if you select to save a radio station, but quit midway without entering a description. Start the radio again and immediately hit the "5" button or any other button that has a saved station. You should be able to get to the radio menu.

    Use this opportunity to change the radio station saved previously with a new one. Known Bug. I downloaded some ringtones - How do I use them as Ringtones? Mp3 - Simply put them in your MMC, any folder. Use CDEx for the conversion. What are the limitations of the Music Player? The Music Player plays Mp3 files of up to kbps. You cannot fast forward or rewind songs.

    New Nokia N-Gage QD Software, Themes, Games, Apps Download

    Neither can you mix MIDI songs with it. Yes, it is possible. I am using it that way and the cover seems slightly out of place. The trade off is that you get longer battery life. My Music Player keeps crashing. Try starting the music player with the headpiece adaptor plugged in. Next, try deleting the playlist.

    If it still doesn't work, restart the phone. Symptoms include icons suddenly moving back to root folder, unable to start Music Player and songs refusing to play hitting the play button but nothing happens. How do I change the Operator Logo to my own image? Make a image width: Transfer the file to your phone via the USB connection. Your phone will restart with the logo. Can I stop the phone from asking me "Receive Message from Partner with your friend using the Bluetooth's Partner function. After partnering, set his connection as Authorized by selecting his phone name in the Bluetooth connections list and going to Options.

    I can't receive files bigger than 4MB in my QD! Personally, I discourage this as it could cause problems when using the Music Player it locks the MMC when playing songs. Having said that, MsvDriveE msvdrivee. Yes, this means all your old messages will be still in C: This program is known to cause problems. Test first before using it.

    NOKIA N-Gage QD

    How do I set the phone such that the keypad autolocks after a specified amount of time? Use Petteri Muilu's Autolock. Free, runs in the background. The time of wait can be customized. Why does the Music Player take so long to load? Bigger MMC, more time. If there is a way to bypass this and instead load from a playlist, please let me know! How do I set my calendar reminder such that it reminds me a few days before the event?

    You can't - unless you use third party software. Check out Epocware's Handy Dates. However, there may be some third party accessories that can convert the USB connection to the charger plug. This website does not assist nor condones illegal activities. - Wikimedia Commons

    So please stop sending emails regarding the above. I got a new phone! And it is not a Series 60! So how do I move all contacts to the SIM card? To move a contact: Press the directional pad in the standby screen, select a contact, press the directional pad to Open, Options, Copy to SIM direct. Yes, you have to repeat this for every contact you want to transfer. This is one aspect Nokia left out. Probably due to the slow loading time of the mp3 perhaps. The answer is NO. When using a Bluetooth headset, can the N-Gage play mp3 through the wireless headset? You can use a software mp3 player like Mp3Go or UltraMp3 though.

    When using a Bluetooth headset, can the N-Gage direct radio through the wireless headset? You can use GPRS radio though. When using a Bluetooth headset, why does the N-Gage only vibrate when set to a mp3 ringtone? It cannot direct mp3 to the bluetooth headset which is why it vibrates instead. I have a Bluetooth stereo headset, can I use it to hear sounds in stereo?

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    Stereo bluetooth headsets came after some time N-Gage was released. Get it here. Registration required to download AND use this product. This is because of security reasons, your computer will not accept connections automatically. To receive files, right click on the bluetooth icon in your system tray, and select Receive A File. Right-click it, Properties, and configure to receive all items in a folder.

    It should work now. Open the message, go to Options, Find, Phone Number or others that you want to locate. When the desired text is auto highlighted, press the green Call button to quick call the number. How do I uninstall MsDriveE? Switch off your phone, remove the MMC and switch it back on. Can I adjust the volume of my SMS ring tone without changing the actual voice call ring tone?

    No - the volume control in the profile affects both SMS and Messaging tone volumes. Try using 3rd party programs to manually reduce the volume in the sound files. How do I customize the icons in my N-Gage? Sysiconz to the rescue! Take a look here - Registration required. How do I play 3GP videos? You can use Quicktime Player.

    Or Nokia's Multimedia Player.

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