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If it is null, then the system is creating a new instance of the activity, instead of restoring a previous one that was destroyed. When the screen is rotated, the current instance of activity is destroyed a new instance of the Activity is created in the new orientation. The onRestart method is invoked first when a screen is rotated. The other lifecycle methods get invoked in the similar flow as they were when the activity was first created.

The Activity launched by intent becomes the new root of the otherwise empty task list.

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A ContentProvider provides data from one application to another, when requested. It manages access to a structured set of data. It provides mechanisms for defining data security. ContentProvider is the standard interface that connects data in one process with code running in another process. The provider object receives data requests from clients, performs the requested action, and returns the results. Start by making sure your Android application has the necessary read access permissions. Then, get access to the ContentResolver object by calling getContentResolver on the Context object, and retrieving the data by constructing a query using ContentResolver.

The ContentResolver. A Service is an application component that can perform long-running operations in the background, and it doesn't provide a user interface. It can run in the background, even when the user is not interacting with your application. These are the three different types of services: Handlers are objects for managing threads.

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It receives messages and writes code on how to handle the message. Job Scheduling api, as the name suggests, allows to schedule jobs while letting the system optimize based on memory, power, and connectivity conditions. The JobScheduler supports batch scheduling of jobs. The Android system can combine jobs so that battery consumption is reduced.

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JobManager makes handling uploads easier as it handles automatically the unreliability of the network. It also survives application restarts. Some scenarios: An AsyncTask is not tied to the life cycle of the Activity that contains it. So, for example, if you start an AsyncTask inside an Activity and the user rotates the device, the Activity will be destroyed and a new Activity instance will be created but the AsyncTask will not die but instead goes on living until it completes. Then, when the AsyncTask does complete, rather than updating the UI of the new Activity, it updates the former instance of the Activity i.

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This can lead to an Exception of the type java. View not attached to window manager if you use, for instance, findViewById to retrieve a view inside the Activity. For these reasons, using AsyncTasks for long-running background tasks is generally a bad idea. Rather, for long-running background tasks, a different mechanism such as a service should be employed. AsyncTasks by default run on a single thread using a serial executor, meaning it has only 1 thread and each task runs one after the other. Called when the operating system has determined that it is a good time for a process to trim unneeded memory from its process.

This will happen for example when it goes in the background and there is not enough memory to keep as many background processes running as desired. Android can reclaim memory for from your app in several ways or kill your app entirely if necessary to free up memory for critical tasks. The provided onTrimMemory callback method allows your app to listen for memory related events when your app is in either the foreground or the background, and then release objects in response to app lifecycle or system events that indicate the system needs to reclaim memory.

A bound service is a service that allows other android components like activity to bind to it and send and receive data.

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A bound service is a service that can be used not only by components running in the same process as local service, but activities and services, running in different processes, can bind to it and send and receive data. Implementing Android bound service with Android Messenger.

Creating and destroying threads has a high CPU usage, so when we need to perform lots of small, simple tasks concurrently, the overhead of creating our own threads can take up a significant portion of the CPU cycles and severely affect the final response time. ThreadPool consists of a task queue and a group of worker threads, which allows it to run multiple parallel instances of a task. How to disallow serialization? We can declare the variable as transient. Serializable is a standard Java interface. Parcelable is an Android specific interface where you implement the serialization yourself.

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It was created to be far more efficient than Serializable The problem with this approach is that reflection is used and it is a slow process. This mechanism also tends to create a lot of temporary objects and cause quite a bit of garbage collection. Services is a component that is used to perform operations on the background. It does not have an UI. We need to register a LocalBroadcastReceiver in the activity. And send a broadcast with the data using intents from the background service.

As long as the activity is in the foreground, the UI will be updated from the background. Ensure to unregister the broadcast receiver in the onStop method of the activity to avoid memory leaks. We can also register a Handler and pass data using Handlers. Now you have an idea of the kind of personality parameters you would be graded on, in addition to the most common technical Android interview questions.

Click here to learn about Android Architecture. Is it true that android applications can only be programmed in Java? A ViewGroup is a special view that can contain other views. Ex — LinearLayout, RelativeLayout etc. For more details about layouts click here. What is the importance of declaring permissions in android application development?

The limitation is imposed to protect critical data and code that could be misused to distort or damage the user experience. They are: Active- When the activity is active in the foreground Paused- When activity is in the background and still visible. Stopped- When activity is not visible.

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Destroyed- When activity is killed or terminated. You may also look at the following articles to learn more —. Verifiable Certificates. Lifetime Access. Learn More.

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