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If a phone is liked enough, it'll be kept alive way past the expiration date that manufactures place onto their releases which is usually two years after the release date. If it can be done with Android phones, then why not replace the deprecated Windows mobile operating system? Hey i had a android phone which i dont know how somebody uninstalled the os. Now its just a dumb smartphone looking thing.

How to install Android APK on Windows:

S o is there a way to install android 5 or later in case not 5 , then 4 will also work for me , thogh try your best for 5 on this phone? Thanks in advance. Which phone is it?

Karbonn titanium s1 plus sorry for late reply. Nokia Lumia Recovery Mode. Nokia Lumia Restart. Nokia Lumia Android Lollipop. Nokia Lumia Benchmark.

How to Install ANDROID Apps on WINDOWS PHONE 10 Preview? Easy Guide

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Windows Bridge for Android

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  1. Steps to install Android on Lumia!
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  4. Nokia Lumia Factory Reset. Nokia Lumia Screen Protection. Nokia Lumia Network. Nokia Lumia Connectivity. Nokia Lumia GPS. Nokia Lumia Sync. Nokia Lumia Card Slot. Nokia Lumia Tools. Furthermore, the overall performance is actually better than Windows 10 Mobile. The hack has been tested on Lumia , , , and and it would not work on any other Lumia phones. The developers are however working to add support for all Snapdragon processor phones. Windows Latest is not responsible for any damage that may occur while flashing the phone.

    As we noted above, you can always return back to Windows Phone from Android. We will soon do an article to explain the process. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments below. And Connect your phone in Mass Storage mode seriously..? I suggest you to watch this video: Just read this article. Two questions arise from reading it.

    Android on Windows Phone – A quick look at the installation process

    Why would anyone in there right mind do this knowing that a usable phone would become just a lump of plastic. If you did go ahead, knowing what could happen what do you do with the phone afterwards doorstop finger fidget??? Thanks but will pass on this one. Go ahead, dear Sir. The whole Windows Phone lover community will remain ever grateful to you. Any Credit to my video or even put it in my post? I would have loved to be emailed about when you put this up! Yep, your video is here: Fantastic, thanks! The cellular connection, Camera, SD Card does not work. The headphone jack does not work: I have lumia xl and I think the idea is cool and worth to be carried out and better than throwing it into garbage.

    You cannot use Bluetooth, accelerometer, camera and SD Card. The headphone jack does not work.

    This Guy Got Android Running on a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone « Android :: Gadget Hacks

    Really great to see an effort to get some type of Android on these phones. Microsoft needs to do this themselves. Hell, they could even microsoft brand the android version.